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  • Summer BBQ Inspiration

    Summer bbqIt's Summer BBQ season and I'm loving that you can legitimately use the grill every day, even if it's raining! So with that in mind, I'm here to inspire you with my favourite recipes for gorgeous salads to serve alongside your meat, fish and vegetables.
    Something a bit more interesting than a green salad. These recipes ensure you get your rainbow of nutrition - the colourful 5 a day of fresh vegetables that we're told to eat and which is so much easier to achieve during the summer months. Is it any wonder we usually feel more healthy and full of energy at this time of year.Summer BBQPuy Lentils & Roast Veg
    This is a long time favourite in our home and was originally one that I found in an Ainsley Harriot book. The balsamic and garlic in the dressing are the winners here - I'm not a garlic fan but when it's roasted, smoky and sweet like it is in this recipe, it's just irresistible. 

    1 x bag of pre-cooked puy lentils (or you can cook from scratch also)
    2 x peppers (any colour)
    1 x red onion
    3 x garlic cloves with skin on
    Balsamic vinegar and Olive Oil
    Sprig of Thyme

    Roast the onion, garlic, peppers thyme (drizzled in olive oil) in the oven for 40 minutes at 180 C. Take out the thyme stalks and discard. Squeeze the soft garlic from inside the cloves into a bowl.
    Heat the lentils in the microwave following the pack instructions (or cook from fresh if you wish) and put them in a bowl. Add the roast peppers and onions to the lentils. Meanwhile, mash this garlic with a few tablespoons of balsamic vinegar and water (or some of the liquid from cooking the lentils from fresh). Drizzle this gorgeous garlicky, vinegary solution over the lentils and veg and ENJOY!

    Simple Thai Noodle Salad
    This is a spicier one but it's so morish - I could eat it for breakfast (and stink of garlic for the day!). It's the simplest one to create - no excuses for the 'can't cook/won't cook' brigade.

    Half a pack of vermicelli rice noodles (about 150g) - cooked to the instructions, drained and cooled
    1 x garlic clove, crushed
    4 x spring onions, chopped
    2 x red chilli's, chopped
    1 x handful of chopped fresh coriander
    3 x tablespoons of Thai Fish Sauce
    1 x tablespoon of Sesame Oil

     Put everything into a bowl and mix well... and that's it!
    Summer BBQ
    Cous Cous Salad
    This is one that my kids will eat - yay! It's not easy to get wee ones around to eat salad I know but this is good one to try. Once you make it, you'll never buy a shop bought cous-cous salad. It costs pennies to make and is WAY more tasty.

    100g couscous
    200ml vegetable stock
    2 spring onions
    1 red pepper
    ½ cucumber
    50g feta cheese, cubed (optional...I usually leave this on the side as the kids don't like it)
    2 tbsp pesto
    2 tbsp toasted pine nut

    Pour the boiling stock over the cous-cous and leave it to soak for a few minutes, covered but off the heat. Add the other ingredients chopped up however you like them.

    Kids Salad Options
    One thing I find the kids do enjoy at a Summer BBQ is pesto salad so I always make up some of the prettier pasta pieces (bows or twists) with some fresh pesto and a sprinkle of parmesan and chopped fresh basil. Also for the kids, try serving 'help yourself' bowls of individual items like pickled beetroot, hard boiled eggs, sliced cucumber, carrot sticks etc.

    Sticky Chocolate Bananas
    My final attempt to get one of the 5 a day into the kids at a Summer BBQ comes in the form of dessert. Obviously at this time of the year, summer fruits are more affordable and the kids will generally devour them but if you've a few bananas that have gone over-ripe in the fruit bowl, this next one is sure to go down a treat.

    1 x over-ripe banana
    1 x chocolate Flake bar - crushed
    Mini Marshmallows
    1 x shot of a orange liqueur (adults only!)

    Pop the banana onto a rectangle of foil and turn up the edges to make a parcel - you can peel or leave the skin on...either way works. Cut a slit down the length of the banana and with chocolate. Sprinkle on some marshmallows.
    Seal up the top of the parcel and place on a low/medium heat barbecue until the chocolate melts. Add ice cream - but only if they've eaten their salad!

    Happy barbecuing and dodging the showers!Summer BBQ

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  • Introducing Field Apothecary Ireland

    Field Apothecary IrelandAs if launching our rebranded Field Day range wasn't hectic enough, during April we also launched our new range of essential oil-based luxury candles - Field Apothecary Ireland at an exclusive press and blogger launch in Arnotts, Dublin, our exclusive Irish stockist for the next 2 months.Field Apothecary Ireland Continue reading

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  • Welcome to Field Day

    Field Day It's my absolute pleasure to welcome you to our new name and branding - Field Day. I hope you enjoy looking through our updated site. You'll be glad to hear that our best selling fragrances haven't gone anywhere and you'll notice that the look and feel of the new range is very much the same. We have however introduced some lovely new products and changed a few of our existing products so I thought I'd run through everything here: Continue reading

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  • Daffodil Day 2017 - Irish Cancer Society

    Daffodil DayI'm telling my age here but I remember the very first Daffodil Day in Ireland 30 years ago. It was way before these kinds of themed days became the norm and I remember thinking it was such a brilliant idea - using one of the first flowers of spring as a symbol of hope and a new start for people on their cancer journey. Continue reading

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  • Unexpected places to celebrate St Patrick's Day

    St Patrick's Day
    In recognition of the week that's in it, I thought I'd share some surprising places in the world that celebrate St Patrick's Day. I discovered these after reading an article recently and I was genuinely amazed! Continue reading

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  • 5 things to do in the garden this March

    We are excited about spring time and the imminent launch of our new Field Day Garden candle. Reminiscent of an abundant fresh green garden, it's got green leaves and tomato fruit notes to really bring a fragrance of summer into your home.

    To celebrate this new candle, available from the 20th March,  we are going a little off-piste with this blog post and share with you one of our many passions here at Field Day HQ - Gardening

    March is an important month in the garden with lots of things you need to start planning if you want a gorgeous summer display of colour. Here are some of the tasks for your garden to-do list: Continue reading

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  • New Month | New Season | New Name

    New Season
    The beginning of a new month has us very excited here at Field Day HQ, not just because warmer months and longer days beckon but also because we are getting close to changing our name and launching our new range! Continue reading

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  • Mother's Day Gift Ideas

    Mother's Day is this Sunday, the 26th March so you still have just under a week to get a gift sorted and we've made it super easy by bringing together our favourites in our Mother's Day Gift Guide. Continue reading

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  • Introducing Field Apothecary.....

    Field ApothecaryBefore I tell you about Field Apothecary, I need to say thank you for the amazing reaction to our name change and our new fragrances. It's been lovely to read all your messages of encouragement and to hear you're as excited as we are about the new Field Day range. Thanks also for your support of the Bog Standard 20% sale. I will warn you that our soap & candle stocks are extremely low right now with some fragrances completely sold out.
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  • Bog Standard is having a Field Day!

    ....and you're invited!
    As many of you know, Bog Standard is my baby. It started at my kitchen table 12 years ago and I never could have dreamed that we would be where we are now with stockists and customers worldwide.
    But in recent months, I've been mulling over making some changes - taking into account customer and stockist feedback as well as considering the changing trends in home fragrance, interiors and the retail industry. So after much deliberation (and there were a few late nights involved!), I have made the decision to change the name of the range from Bog Standard ® to 'Field Day ®'.

    First up, the products themselves are not changing however we are discontinuing some fragrances - more on that in a minute. The packaging look and feel will remain similar with the same floral illustration and cream background.
    Field Day Continue reading

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